Medal of Freedom Recipient 2030: Dan Savage?

Every now and again I like to imagine where we will be as a LGBT population come the future. I imagine the time when we will have our full equality and how history will look back at us with admiration, wonder and analysis. Since President Obama recently honored Toni Morrison, Bob Dylan and John Glenn among others with the Medal of Freedom; the highest honor that can be awarded to a civilian, I started to wonder about who might be a person from the LGBT community that would receive that honor come the future. Dan Savage was the first person that popped into my mind.

He popped into my mind because he is the gay boogieman of the moment for the anti-gay crowd. I imagined what sweet justice it would be for Dan to be receiving the Medal of Freedom due to this status. Certainly, he may be deserving of it after creating the It Gets Better Project. What a glorious day that would be for all of us queer folks to have the man who is so assailed by the anti-gays to receive the nations “highest honor.”

Of course, there are others in the LGBT movement who would be deserving as well. Who do you think should be a future LGBT Medal of Freedom winner and why?

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