Kip Moore a Good Debut Album from a Good Looking Guy

Kip Moore Up All Night Album CoverKip Moore’s Up All Night is a decent debut album. The music is easy and smooth and matches up well with Moore’s slightly work-worn, smoky voice.

Among some of the highlights of the album are ‘Drive Me Crazy’ about the first experiences of sex and love down by the river, in the back of a car and grandpa’s barn. Moore’s voice is what really makes this tune. The slightly seductive rasp he has on this fast-paced song is a real turn on. And it helps knowing Moore is quite a looker, too. ‘Everything, but you’ will appeal to us whose wanderlust proves stronger than love. We move around from place to place searching for the perfect locale, which we find, but still find it somewhat lacking due to the absence of our left-behind mate. What I like about this song is that can be interpreted as just wistful longing or a call to your soul mate to join you in your utopia. A similarly gypsy inspired tune, and the one that I most identify, with is ‘Reckless (Still Growin’ Up).’ This one will speak to those who drift through life, but always manage to luck out by catching up to the next raft on the sea of life just as our current one seems to be falling apart. It may, also, speak to those who love those same kinds of men.

I went to work for my uncle on a coast at a club called the hot spot/
we took our breaks on the boat dock/
and I got fired for smoking pot/
with the beach right there I guess surfing was the logical next move/
but I got mouthy with the wrong dude and got my dam jaw tattooed

‘Hey Pretty Girl’ is the story of a life in song: meeting, marrying and growing old with the one that you love. What makes this song more exceptional than others of this type of song that litter country music is the simplicity of the instrumental. It’s not some grand, sweeping, ode to a life lived, but just simply a guy and some strings singing his heart. Think Alan Jackson’s ‘Remember When.’

Of the whole album, the current single ‘Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck’ is the real standout song (the video of which I highlighted in a previous post and is worth a watch). I just love the rhythm of this song and the way that each verse builds upon its preceding lyrics. I sense this will be a future popular karaoke tune. I can just picture a bunch of guys pounding it out at the local bar.

As for photos of this newcomer to country music, they are sadly lacking in the CD Booklet. For such a fine looking guy, I’d hoped for more of the photos that are available on Kip’s website. What is contained in the CD case are some grayscale, obscured photos of this fine country gentleman. Kip Moore is someone who deserves to be photographed in full, glorious, good-looking color. Check him out for yourself. You don’t be disappointed in the photos or the music.

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