Support A North Carolina Business that Supported Us

The New York Times has a profile piece on Replacements, Ltd, a North Carolina business started by Bob Page that specializes in the sale of new and antique china, silver and glassware (‘A Company’s Stand for Gay Marriage, and Its Cost’). The company lent substanitial resources in opposing North Carolina’s Amendment 1, which banned gay marriage:

The company lobbied legislators, contributed money to causes supporting gay marriage, rented a billboard along the interstate near its headquarters, and sold T-shirts at its showroom.

As the piece goes on to say, the company’s opposition to the discrimintory Amendment was not well recieved by everyone. Emails and letters came in with customers pledging to not shop there again and take their business elsewhere. Let’s do those folks one better and take our business there.

If you are in the need for dinnerwear or looking for pieces to replace something you already have, give Replacements, Ltd. you business. Let’s support a business that has supported us. Many of us have wondered ‘what can we do’ after the North Carolina vote. What is something that could have some meaning; some type of impact. Here’s something; buy from Replacements, Ltd. The article states that Replacements, Ltd. tried to get other business to join them, but none wanted to ‘go out on a limb’. Bob Page did, let’s thank him for that and in the process make a statement to those other business that going out on a limb can benefit your business.

Learn more about Replacements, Ltd.


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