Continuing the Gay Marriage Equality Conversation in North Carolina — via Billboard

WSOC-TV in Charlotte is reporting on a San Diego church’s response to the discrimintory Amendment One in North Carolina which bans gay marriage equality and other gay relationship recognitions like civil unions:

A California church [has] put up a billboard in west Charlotte, offering an apology to homosexuals for North’s Carolina’s vote in support of Amendment One.

The amendment, passed on May 8, defines marriage between a man and woman as the only union legally recognized in the state.

Missiongather Christian Church Billboard Denouncing the Passage of Amendment One

The billboard [reads], “Missiongathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who DENIED rights and equality TO so many in the Name of God.”

Of course, those who are rightly shamed by this type of action are speaking out against it.

“I’m proud of what the people of North Carolina have done and what they said on May 8,” said [David] Hains [of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte].  “It’s disappointing that Christians would call people names, but I have no apologies for what the people of North Carolina said.”

See the full report which mentions that Missiongathering is planning on keeping up the billboard as long as possible and adding new ones. If you’d like to send them a donation, the address is below:

Missiongathering Christian Church
3090 Polk Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104

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