Quote of the Day: Green Lantern and JC Penny

The background: JC Penny recently released the below ad for Father’s Day which features two dads:

JC Penny Gay Dads Ad for Father's DayThe text on the upper right reads: “First Pals: What makes Dad so cool? He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver–all rolled into one. Or two.” The text at the bottom right reads: “Real-life dads, Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children Claire and Mason.” (source)

Today, we learned that the Green Lantern is the DC Comic’s superhero who is getting a reboot as a gay man. Both actions have earned the ire of the group One Million Moms (Penny’s already had their ire because they announced Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson at the start of the year). The Moms took to their Facebook page where they were swamped with gay-supportive comments. This brings us to today’s quote of the day per Meg Navitsky comment:

“Looks like I’m going to buy some new Green Lantern memorabillia from JC Penny!”


David Badash over at the blog The New Civil Rights Movement is reporting that the Lantern post has been taken down altogether.

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