Big Government Bookworms Missed Banning These ‘Gay’ Books

Patricia Polacco's 'In Our Mother's House' Book CoverIn the past two weeks, there have been two reports of books with content reflective of same-sex families being banned. The first was Todd Parr’s The Family Book, which includes text that states some families have two moms and two dads. This book has been reportedly banned in Erie, Ill. The second is Patricia Polacco’s In Our Mothers’ House, which is the story of a family headed by two moms. This book is reportedly banned in Davis County, Utah. What is disturbing about this second incident is that Davis is taking a “proactive stance on pulling other books in the wake of the controversy.”:

[DaNae Leu, a media specialist at Snow Horse Elementary School in Kaysville, said] librarians are being asked to supply names of books that contain gay and lesbian characters. Many librarians are frustrated about the situation, she said, but are nervous about speaking out because they fear reprisals. — ‘Utah Librarians fear decision about lesbian mom book sets bad precedent’, The Salt Lake Tribune, June 6, 2012

So much for small government.

Ian Falconer's 'Olivia' Book CoverSince Davis and other school districts are in the business of being busybodies in the bookshelves, I thought I should guide them some other children’s books that they should note for gay content. They probably have missed Where the Wild Things Are. What’s gay about that? The author. Yup, Maurice Sendak was with his male partner for 50 years. They only separated due to his partner’s death. How about Olivia? Young-ins adore the tale of this precocious little pig. Better tell them to stop. Ian Falconer? He’s a big ol ‘mo, too. In fact Olivia started originally as a story for his niece (probably as some subversive attempt to indoctrinate her early with the gay agenda). And let’s not forget movies. Got the Martin Scorcese film Hugo on the shelves to rent? It should be yanked. Brian Selznick; the author/illustrator of the book upon which the movie is based, he’s gay, too.

What is shocking about all these gay authors; the horrendous thing they all have in common; the thing that will send people into frothing tizzy, ready to take to the street in protest is that they are all Caldecott Award winning authors. That’s right. The American Library Association has awarded all three of these GAY authors the medal for most distinguished picture book for children. Fire up those email blasts One Million Moms. Organize your boycott American Family Association. Let’s hear your outrage Brian Fischer. I, certainly, hope that none of these books are in any kind of church oriented children’s Bible school class. If so, you’ve already invited the gay in. Gasp! Like a vampire. Who knows what damage exposure to this gay literature will cause.

The far right and even some of their more moderate counterparts often like to disgorge nonsense about how recognizing gay families and relationships would lead to kindergartners being exposed to homosexuality and that gay parents and gay are bad, or at least not as good, as straight parents. Somehow, while they were in the process of perfecting these talking points, they missed the obvious. Kindergartners are already exposed to homosexuality via these great authors and these authors have managed to contribute to the one of the basic bonding experiences between parent and child; reading them a story. Perhaps, it is something that they choose to ignore. Because it proves, once again, how flawed their thinking and their facts really are.

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2 Responses to Big Government Bookworms Missed Banning These ‘Gay’ Books

  1. virginia says:

    Patricia Polacco is NOT gay!

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