Time Capsule Quote of the Day: JC Penny’s Struggles Due to Promoting Homosexuality

Once again, I have an item that will go into my virtual time capsule; an idea spawned from a segment I saw on The Rachel Maddow Show.  I take a quote or item of news that someone makes today to see if it holds true for the future.

Today’s quote comes courtesy of One Million Moms, but first a little background. JC Penny has been doing gay inclusive things like selecting Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson and showing gay families in their ads. This has made ant-gay groups like One Million Moms furious; causing them to engage in boycotts and email campaigns to the company to express their displeasure that JC Penny is showing the reflecting the world as it really is. Days ago, Michael Francis, JC Penny president of eight months who was responsible for said marketing is leaving the company in a presumable ousting. This leads to the time capsule quote of the day where One Million Moms are claiming the change of the guard and Penny’s woes are due to the company’s ‘promot[ing] homosexuality.’

No one is shocked that JCP’s president Michael Francis is leaving the company immediately after only eight months. It’s safe to say that if sales were way up, this wouldn’t be happening. Instead of listening to customer’s concerns, CEO Ron Johnson is finger-pointing to why their marketing strategy has not gone as planned. Francis abrupt departure is proof JCP is scrambling to stay afloat. JCP is drowning because of poor marketing decisions they have made over the past few months. The company may blame one person and their new pricing strategy, but shoppers know JCP struggles are derived from continuing to promote homosexuality. — via Joe. My. God.

I suspect that the case was more that JC Penny’s recent advertisements looked very much like the stepbrother of Target (reminding shoppers of your competitor in your own ads is never a good marketing strategy), but we shall see. The moment I do see a gay inclusive ad for JCP, expect to see this post come out of the time capsule.

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