Weddings — The Heterosexual Pride Celebration

During this month of gay pride celebrations we often hear that frequent refrain from those people who would like to see us still stuffed in the closet feeling shame about ourselves and who we love: “There isn’t a heterosexual pride celebration.” But there is. It is a heterosexual pride celebration in which gays in some 30 states in the union are banned from taking part. It’s called a wedding.

Weddings are the heterosexual pride celebration. Weddings are the place where a man and woman celebrate their opposite-sex love with friends, family, co-workers and even strangers (Kim Kardashian). Weddings can be both intimate or affairs as lavish as gay pride street festival; complete with parade and cheering crowds (Prince William and Kate). Much like a pride celebrations, weddings include thumping music, elaborate and sometimes gaudy costumes (ask any bridesmaid), speeches about the love between the bride and groom and lets not forget that annoying–uh, I mean endearing–tradition of clinking the glasses at the wedding reception just to watch the bride and groom kiss each other on command.

Magazines often devote whole issues or their whole existence to this heterosexual pride celebration. There are expos all across the country, in many cites, that cater to this celebration of heterosexual pride, just like gay pride. Talk shows dedicate segments or contests for these heterosexual pride celebrations. Television shows have dedicated episodes or story arcs showcasing this heterosexual pride for both dramatic and comedic effect (who can forget Mike Brady’s “rescue” of his and Carol’s heterosexual pride cake). You need only to open up your local paper and you find yourself subjected to announcements and even advertisements about this heterosexual pride (where’s One Million Moms when you need them?).

It’s more than a little ironic that June is not only gay pride month but also considered a wedding month as well. Yet, we have all these naysayers who are claiming that there is no such thing as a heterosexual pride. They don’t realize there is one because they take it for granted. Perhaps, if these detractors just let us get married in all 50 states, then we wouldn’t need to create a separate celebration for ourselves.

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1 Response to Weddings — The Heterosexual Pride Celebration

  1. davexrobb says:

    Great post! I’m pretty sure gays are still banned from marrying in 44 states, though that number will go down as new laws are passed and take effect.

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