@jimmylasalvia Equality IS About The Economy, Stupid

Jimmy LaSalvia got into a debate this week on Current TV with The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur over GOProud’s endorsement of Mitt Romney for President. LaSalvia’s point was the endorsement was about jobs and the economy and Cenk’s point was Romney is regressive on gay rights; i.e., signing National Organization for Marriage’s Marriage Pledge.

I don’t know in what fantasy land LaSalvia’s sepia toned farmhouse landed, but he’s in as much of a dreamland as Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion in a field of poppies. LGBT equality is about the economy, stupid. Does LaSalvia not realize that people can still be fired for being gay with transgender people being especially at risk. Has LaSalvia missed all these studies about the lack of gay marriage equality causes gay couples to pay more in taxes, healthcare and basic security for their homes, partners and children. Speaking of healthcare, Autumn Sandeen did an insightful piece that LaSalvia might care to read on Pam’s House Blend about how the lack of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) could harm LGBT people if struck down by the Supreme Court. All of these factors are economic impacts for LGBT Americans and are impacts that we are not likely to see an improvement on under a President Romney.

If LaSalvia really cared about jobs and the economy, he would also challenge candidate Romney on these very real factors of economic inequality that go hand in hand with LGBT inequality in a the same way he challenges President Obama on the economy in general. Instead, it seems, LaSalvia has no interest in paying attention to the man behind the curtain on these issues. He’s just content to don his emerald-colored glasses and blindly follow the wizard around the city.

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