Utah School District Takes a Don’t See Gay Approach

The school board of Davis County, Utah recently banned the book In Our Mother’s House by Patricia Polacco; the story of a family headed by two moms. The ban entailed pulling the book from public library shelves and making it accessible in public schools only if a student presents a permission slip from their parents. Upset over the controversey about the book, some local members of the LGBT community wanted to speak at the next school board meeting, but were thwarted due to the board taking advantage of Utah state law:

Some members of the LGBT community who attended Tuesday’s meeting were confused about why they weren’t allowed to briefly speak to the school board. Weston Clark, a Woods Cross High School graduate and former teacher at Viewmont High School, said he submitted a request to be placed on the board’s June 12 agenda.

Clark said that after he submitted the request, superintendent Bowles called to say Clark would not be placed on the agenda. Instead, Clark said, Bowles promised to allow him and a few other families to informally introduce themselves to the board at the start of the meeting.

Clark said Bowles withdrew his offer after Clark spoke to news media on Monday about his plans to attend the board meeting.

Davis School District spokesman Chris Williams said Bowles never made any agreement with Clark to allow LGBT families to address the board, even informally. Allowing someone to speak who isn’t on the agenda would violate state law, which requires agenda items to be posted before a public meeting convenes, he said.

Looks like this school district is adopting a policy similar to the ‘don’t say gay’ bills that have been proposed in some parts of the country. In this case it’s a ‘don’t see gay’ in order to make some negative publicity go away. If you’d like to let the school board know what you think about the decision or try an be placed on some future agenda, you can contact them via their website.

Read the full article

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