East-Coast Celebrates Marriage Anniversary/West-Coast Prepares for Marriage Fight

Yesterday marked dueling Pride celebrations on both coasts of the country. While New York City was celebrating the one year anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage equality, Pride revelers in Seattle looked forward to November; where Referendum 74 will decide the fate of that states gay marriage equality bill.

FromThe New York Daily News:

Thousands of overjoyed celebrants marched in the city’s gay pride parade  Sunday, marking the first anniversary since same-sex marriage was legalized in  New York.

Floats, politicians and dancers waving rainbow-colored flags got huge cheers  from spectators jamming sidewalks on Fifth Ave.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn marched the entire 32-block route three  times with her new spouse, Kim Catullo. They joined Gov. Cuomo and Mayor  Bloomberg, who kicked off the parade.

“It’s thrilling,” Quinn said before her final run. “For so long we were  fighting to get marriage equality, and now that we have had it for a year, it’s  hard to believe.”

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From The Seattle Times:

By far the biggest contingent in the 38th annual event was Washington United for Marriage, a coalition of groups calling for a yes vote on Referendum 74 to affirm the right of same-sex couples to wed.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn joined more than 300 marchers wearing “get engaged” T-shirts and tossing green rubber wedding bands to onlookers stacked four-deep in some spots along the route.

The Rev. Troy Perry, a pioneering gay activist, traveled from Los Angeles to exhort Washington’s gay community and its supporters to muster the money and votes it will take to overcome opposition. “When people bring the fight to us, we fight back,” said Perry, founder of the Metropolitan Community Churches. “I want to be treated like every American. That’s it. That’s my gay agenda.”

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