New Finance Analysis for Minnesota Gay Marriage Equality Ban Amendment

And the surprise is that most of the money for the group opposed to the constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage equality, Minnesotans United for All Families, comes internally from Minnesota. This is counter to what those who want to ban gay marriage equality; Minnesota for Marriage, lead the public to believe. Minnesotans United also leads Minnesota for Marriage in number of individual donors by an 85% margin.

From The Daily Planet:

Minnesota for Marriage raised $33,000 from 26 individual donors. Eighty-five percent of those donations were from Minnesota.

Minnesotans United for All Families had 16,234 individual donors, 91 percent of which were from Minnesota.

That contrasts with a statement by Minnesota for Marriage chairman John Helmberger earlier this week claiming that the resources by amendment opponents were coming from out of state.

“Our opponents are raising money from same sex marriage activists across the country,” Helmberger said. “And although we have always expected that they will outspend us, as marriage protection opponents have in every other state dealing with this issue, we are confident that the people of Minnesota will come together to raise the resources necessary to win and not let our state’s definition of marriage be defined by activist judges or liberal out of state organizations.”

In fact, for both sides, the majority of donors have been Minnesotans, but for Minnesotans United, more money has come from Minnesota as a percentage of individuals donors than it has for Minnesota for Marriage. 91 percent is more than 85 percent.

Read the full article

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