Group Opposing Marriage Equality in Maryland Collects ‘Spite’ Signatures

At the start of June, opponents of the recently passed gay marriage equality bill in Maryland had approximately 70,000 signatures validated to put the rights of a minority up to a vote this November. They needed 55,736. Now, word comes that they have submitted an additional 40,000 signatures. From WJLA in Washington, DC:

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) – Opponents of same-sex marriage in Maryland are calling additional signatures to put the matter on the ballot an exclamation point.

Derek McCoy, executive director of Maryland Marriage Alliance, said Monday the group is turning in 39,743 more signatures. That’s on top of 113,000 already submitted. They need 55,736 to put the issue on the ballot.

The Maryland State Board of Elections already has validated more than 109,000 signatures from ones already turned in to the state. (source)

An exlamation point? More like a spite signatures.

David Blankenhorn, in his New York Times Op-Ed stated that opposition to gay marriage equality stems “in part, from an underlying anti-gay animus.” (source) These additional signatures seem to fit the definition of “spiteful or malevolent ill will.” Enough signatures were already validated to put up the measure for a voteĀ to approve or not the gay marriage equality bill. These additional signatures do nothing more than serve as a private flogging before dragging the rights of gay citizens to the public whipping post to face the whims of the majority. They are not an exclamation point, but a heel in the face of those gays and lesbians who want nothing more than equal protection and recoginition for their every bit as valid families and relationships.

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