Maggie Gallagher’s upside-down logic on opposing marriage equality

Maggie Gallagher gives us another little bit of insight into why she against committed, loving gay and lesbian couples entering into marriage via her July blog post in the National Review:

A society that is serious about marriage would gently stand up to gay people and say “not this, not now.” Changes in law are hard to undo, once they are institutionalized. I did not decide to debate gay marriage, gay-marriage advocates did. I responded to the challenge. We are making a decision about how serious we are about trying to strengthen marriage as a social institution dedicated to connecting sex, babies, moms, and dads. If we allow gay marriage, the answer is “not very serious” or perhaps “we don’t care at all any more.”

That’s why I oppose gay marriage. — E. J. Graff Responds with a Question, National Review, July 5 2012

This logic is weakest and most absurd logic that I have ever heard for a anti-gay marriage equality arguement. You oppose gay marriage because we need to be “serious” about marriage. Maggie, there are gay couples who have been fighting for the right to get married longer than some straight marriages last. There are cases in the courts on gay marriage equality that have lasted longer than some marriages. There are gay couples who have built a life together; taken care of each other through sickness and health; raised children all without the benefits and recognition of “marriage” for decades. And believe you me if these couples had the opportunity to enter into a marriage, they would.

If we are really serious about marriage, we would let these couples have access to it. They’ve more than demonstrated the commitment it takes; commitment in which many heterosexual couples so often fail.

Furthermore, if you were serious about marriage, Maggie, you wouldn’t keep committed, loving couples from having access to marriage equality. If you were serious about strengthening marriage you would focus time, energy, efforts and funds to providing resources for couples on how to strengthen marriage. You would write op-ed pieces on divorce, commitment, how to really know you are ready for marriage and how to make a good one once you’re in it. You’re commentaries on television would be focused on these issues as well vs. the dismissive and deflective sentence of “yes that’s a problem, too…” when you are asked directly about the real problems and challenges that out there in making a successful marriage. Maggie, if anyone is not serious about strengthening marriage, it’s you. If you were, you would be as prolific about fighting to keep straight marriages together as you in trying to prevent gay ones from ever happening.

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