It Gets Better By Any Other Name…

The Letter Q Book Cover…would still be just as bittersweet.

The Letter Q is a collection of writings by gay writers addressed to their younger selves. Among the contributors are Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked; Ali Liebgott, author of The IHOP Papers and Brian Selznick, author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Like the It Gets Better Project by Dan Savage, these letters offer glimpses of a future filled with hope. The writings are a mix of letters and cartoons.

What I like about the writings is when the authors are writing to their younger selves, they speak of concrete items of how their lives that have gotten better. Michael Cunningham, author of At Home At The End of the World, speaks about not finding real success until he submitted a story with a gay man as the character. We also hear some of the authors’ struggles with coming out and their sexuality as their younger selves. Linda Villarosa, author of Passing for Black, recounts the “terrible day” where she came out to her parents. This gives struggling youth something that they can identify with now, and something to look forward to for the future. The authors in this compellation prove, through their own personal story arcs, that it does get better.

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