Where are Microsoft, Facebook, and Google’s ‘Dump’ sites?

Jeremy Hooper over at goodasyou.com points out in his blog post for NOM Exposed that the boycotts of gay supportive companies only goes so far for the anti-gay crowd.

The fact of the matter is that you won’t find any of these efforts [to boycott Google, Microsoft and Facebook] because NOM knows that these “Dump” campaigns would be even more laughable in the failure department than either of their two already-announced boycotts. It’s weird to think of either Starbucks or General Mills as low hanging fruit, but in this scenario, both companies are, comparatively, more in line with NOM’s intended success. The truth is that NOM knows that its “Dump” campaigns are not really going to do any perceptible harm to either of the two companies on the boycott slate.  Most like, NOM is simply using these efforts to harvest names and email addresses, which they hope they can use to grow their donor rolls.

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