Religious Liberty Used to SUPPORT Gay Men’s Chorus

Instinct Magazine is reporting that the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles has a new home; the  First Congregational Church of Los Angeles:

“I am thrilled to welcome the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles to First Congregational Church,” stated [Senior Minister, Dr. R. Scott] Colglazier.  “There are so many positive intersections with this new partnership. Obviously, the church and the chorus share a great love for music, and so this partnership makes sense at an artistic level. But even more importantly, our church is undergoing an exciting renaissance, and we are opening our doors as wide as possible to the city of Los Angeles. We are a community of faith that affirms welcome and acceptance and
celebration of all God’s children, and so for us, it is an honor to welcome this great chorus to our congregation.”

Every day we are seeing more and more welcomeness and acceptance of LGBT persons not only in the overall population but also in religious institutions. Institutions that are sometimes treated as though they all have a monolithic opposition to gays. This leads me to hope that soon religious liberty and freedom will no longer serve as a purposefull rallying cry for opposition to equality but rather as a rallying cry for its support.

Read the full article

Learn more about Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

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