Two of the Hottest Working Men in Country Music

Luke Bryan Peforming at Merriweather Post PavillionLast Sunday, July 15, I went out to Merriweather Post Pavillion in Maryland to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in concert. I love everyone of Aldean’s songs and a lot of Luke’s as well. Plus, I think both are really hot looking men. I didn’t realize how litteraly hot they, and we all would be, the night of the concert. It so humid I had barely walked in the place before I felt like a walking Wet-Nap. Bryan and Aldean were feeling it, too.  You could see the sweat dropping off of Bryan’s arms as he performed Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ (an amazing bit of artistry in itself).

Jason Aldean Performing at Merriweather Post PavillionProps to both the men for making the show go on. All that humidity didn’t slow down either of them one bit. They sure gave it there all and I just wanted to give ’em a blog post thank you and shout out for that.

Sadly, I missed out on Rachel Farley‘s set as I got there after, but I heard she was pretty good.

Another shout out to Dee Jay Silver who did a great job keepin’ the crowd from getting bored between sets with his mixes and mashups of country songs and other music genres.

Check out more photos of the concert at Baltimore’s 93.1 WPOC

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