Quote of the Day: Compassion and Acceptance as a Business Model

“One of the new realities of business is the paramount requirement that everyone in an organization must be compassionate and accepting of other people and cultures. That can mean people that speak another language or it can mean embracing someone from a younger generation, people of different genders or races, or someone who has a different sexual preference. It just doesn’t matter.” – ” Chris Zane author of Reinventing the Wheel: the science of creating lifetime customers.

With all the reaction centered around Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay marriage equality statments and business like JC Penny, Home Depot and Target being more inclusive with gay advertising, I thought that this quote was particularly timely. And though some of the language used in the book as it refers to “alternative lifesyles” is archaic, it does has a particularly insightful section on why same-sex customers is good for business.

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1 Response to Quote of the Day: Compassion and Acceptance as a Business Model

  1. erichblayde says:

    In 1961 the first openly gay candidate for San Francisco city supervisor proved this point by receiving 6000 votes placing him in ninth out of 34 potentials. Harvey Milk further proved the power of the gay vote by landing an impressive 30% of votes in his final campaign. While it has seemingly taken businesses a long time to learn the lessons the politicians were shown so long ago I am glad to see it is finally coming about. The whole chick-fil-a debacle marks the first time we have seen numerous businesses stand up to one discriminatory entity and I hope to heck they keep at it.

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