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Is This Religious Freedom: Bishop Faces Censure for Pro-Marriage Message

Anti-gay marriage equality activits often site religious beliefs as a reason for their opposition. But what about when your belief as a religious leader leads you to support gay marriage equality. The gives us some insight: Bishop Melvin Talbert, … Continue reading

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Got Chick-fil-A Coupons?

I did in yesterday’s mail. What makes this ultra-comical is this is the first time that I’ve ever received them–and I’ve lived here for seven years. What’s one of the rules of marketing–know your audience.

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The Horror! Parents Adopting Kids! GASP!

Normally (no pun intended), I don’t post this kind of claptrap, but the statement she makes about the plot of the NBC’s Fall Show The New Normal  and her following commentary was just too delicious not to highlight. How terrible. … Continue reading

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The New Normal Trailer

Suprisingly, this looks alternately funny and touching.

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Jason Aldean’s ‘Take a Little Ride’ Music Video is Too Much Slice and Dice

This is the case where too much of a good thing isn’t wonderful. I really like the way that the single shots are sliced and spliced, but not for the whole entire three minutes and five seconds of the video. That’s … Continue reading

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Own a Piece of ‘The Golden Girls’

For those of you who don’t want to just watch The Golden Girls but live it, now you can be one step closer. The estate of Rue McClanahan aka Blanche is selling some of the late stars personal effects, including … Continue reading

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Hate Away at the President, but do it With Reason

Country music legend, Hank Williams, Jr., is becoming more legendary for what he says about politics than his music, as the Los Angeles Times reports: Country music veteran Hank Williams Jr. is doing his best to become the official troubadour of … Continue reading

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