Former Matrix Director Talks ‘Cloud Atlas’

But not transitioning, though from the reports of the press, you’d think she was:

Lana Wachowski, formerly Larry Wachoswki, along with her brother Andy and co-director Tom Tykwer all appeared in a YouTube video promoting their new film, “Cloud Atlas.” This was the first time Lana appeared as a trans woman in public.

The [New York] Post points out Lana has been transitioning for years and rumors about Lana’s sex life first surfaced in 2002 when the director was going through a divorce with wife Thea Bloom. The newspaper claims the split up occurred after being photographed in a popular LA S&M club called the Dungeon. — ‘In Promoting New Film, “Matrix” Director Reveals Trans Self’; edgeBoston

While I appreciate the visability aspect of mentioning Lana’s transition, I think the real story is she is still a great moviemaker. That hasn’t changed.

I’ve watched the promo with her brother, and “Atlas” co-director as well as the extended trailer for the film itself. While the interview portion could use a little polish, the film itself looks great. Its’s sumptuous and the idea behind it looks really thought provoking. Plus–hello!–Hallie Berry. She could just sit on the screen eating popcorn in a parka and I watch that. So why the, in my opinion, the salacious details of her transition? If Lana wants to tell that story, let her direct it. In the meantime, why not focus on how she is such an accomplished trans woman. That’s the kind of story that will help to lessen the shame of others who have transitioned; want to; or are in the process. Her success is the real story here.

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