Song Review: Jason Aldean’s ‘Take a Little Ride’

I am a huge fan of Jason Aldean. I love a lot of his songs and as a in-person preformer he’s top-notch; giving it his all, but this lead single off an upcoming album slated for an October release, left me unimpressed.

‘Take a Little Ride’ is a run-off-the-mill meeting up with your honey; driving the backwoods and steamin’ up the windows song. The lyrics fall flat in places like the first verse’s “then ease on out your way/to your place/around 8 o’clock.” In other places they feel crammed in to fit with the rock-a-billy style of the music itself. While I love Aldean’s more hard-driving music, in this song, their are points where it becomes overpowering; making the tune not so much about the story but about the instruments themselves. Oddly enough, this is the thing that I like most about the song. Its sound is a good blarin’ out your speakers tune as you’re driving around through those backwoods. It’s what will help keep the song from being a skip over when I get the eventual album.

Give a listen below. What do you think?

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