Ohio Could Get an Economic Boom from Gay Marriage Equality

From The Columbus Dispatch:

About half of the 19,700 same-sex couples living in Ohio (according to the 2010 census) would marry if the ban was overturned, a study released yesterday estimated.

That would produce a $165 million economic impact over three years in money spent on weddings and wages paid to people employed in the wedding industry, according to Bill Lafayette of Regionomics LLC of Columbus. Lafayette calculated that up to 740 jobs would be created. The study was commissioned by FreedomOhio, the group backing a proposed 2013 constitutional amendment aimed at rolling back Ohio’s 2004 same-sex marriage ban.

“We can stop exporting weddings and watching dollars leave Ohio,” said Mary Jo Kilroy, head of FreedomOhio. “This is a great opportunity for Ohio to be a leader and to improve our economy as well.”

The Ohio numbers are estimates, of course, but could have some credibility based on statistics released last month by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. Same-sex marriage was legalized there a year ago.

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