So This is Why Anderson Cooper Didn’t Come Out Long Ago

Apparently, no one cares to keep up with the Kardashians anymore.

Some media outlets have been reporting on the shocking betrayal of silver fox hottie Anderson Cooper by his beau, Ben Maisani, who was allegedly caught kissing someone other than Cooper in New York City’s Central Park. The analysis on this falls generally into three camps: the Anderson must be heartbroken camp; the ‘are these even real’ camp; and the Anderson Cooper may be in an open relationship camp. There’s one camp, though, that is being left out of this conversation; the social greeting of gay men camp.

Like many groups, gay men have their own set of social customs. One of which is the hello/goodbye kiss. Gay men, when they greet each other, will kiss each other most frequently the lips, but sometimes on the cheek, when arriving and departing each other’s company. It really depends on comfort level and how close you are to the person you’re greeting. The better friends you are with a person, the more likely the greeting smooch will be on the lips; though I do kiss my share of service oriented people who I encounter on a regular basis: bartenders, waitstaff, mechanics, SmartPhone app creators, etc. I may not be buddy/buddy with them, but it would be kind of insulting not to kiss them on the lips. It’d be like leaving a bad tip.  Another factor is awkward physical spacing. Your proximity to your buddies without any physical barriers (tables, chairs, bars) or having to awkwardly contort yourself for a meeting of the lips will determine how you kiss hello/goodbye. In these particular situations a kiss on the cheek/neck or even an air-kiss will suffice.

Speaking specifically to the Anderson Cooper kissgate photos and those who would say ‘it sure like more than just hello/goodbye’, my opinion is–hello staged! It looks like the photog had gone to the green beret school of paparazzing. The photos are low, close-up and in the bush. Did the paparazzo camouflage him/herself and crawl on their belly to get the shot? This becomes even more clear when you contrast them with the other ‘candid’ photos in the Mail story. This leads me to believe that rather than being a real close friend of Ben Maisani or a MISTERess, that the photos are old or are something else besides paparazzi photos. I’ll point out that Maisani also appears to have gotten a radically different hairstyle between his public park smooch and some of the more recent photos you see of him and Cooper (hope Ben kissed his stylist).

All of this comes down to some media outlets just trying to sell some papers by writing their own celebrity soap opera, when what they should have done is checked with the reality programing of gay male community.

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