Aaron Watson’s ‘Raise Your Bottle’

As I was hopping around YouTube today, I happen to find the below.

Though the end of the chorus is a a little awkward lyrically and musically, I like the idea this take on celebrating our military. Toasting those who serve with a raise of the bottle is something you can do individually or as a group; whether you have a personal connection to the military or not. I like that the tune is pretty breezy, too. Rather than a sad lamenting song or a boistrous patriotic, diddy, Watson crafts something as individual as the action the tune represents.

While I hadn’t heard of Watson before, it turns out the crooner has been around for a while. He’s got ten albums to his credit. I listened to a few from the latest The Road and The Rodeo on his website. He’s a pretty good artist and his music is perfect for those who like a little bit more country vs. pop in their music. Plus, he ain’t that tough to look at either.

Hear and see more at www.aaronwatson.com

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One Response to Aaron Watson’s ‘Raise Your Bottle’

  1. Reblogged this on Small Town Texas and commented:
    I am a veteran, so I never forget my fellow Marines and military personnel that fell. Thank you for your sacrifice.

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