Why It Gets Better: Shop Fixes Vandalized Auto of Gay Student for Free

From a report by WDBJ:

A college student has a “new” car. It’s all thanks to a Roanoke auto shop.

Jordan Addison is a student at Radford University. Between March and May of this year his car was vandalized four times. Once at his home and three times on-campus.

“The first time there were some homophobic slurs keyed into the side of it,” says Addison, “Then the second time I had dye keyed into it.”

Addison believes he was targeted because he’s gay. The homophobic slur was written across one side of this car and he tried to everything to cover it but nothing worked.


Richard Henegar, Jr. heard what happened to Addison.

“Once I saw the vandalism that was done to it I said that’s uncalled for we’re gonna fix your car that’s the least we can do,” says Henegar.

He’s the manager at Quality Auto Paint and Body in Roanoke and the shop decided to help Addison out for free.

Don’t believe people who claim there is not longer any kindness in the world. This story proves different, which is another reason why it gets better.

See the full report with video

Why It Gets Better is a series of postings showing, real-time, concrete, tangible ways that life is getting better for LGBT people.

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