Debunking Minnesota Marriage Minute Ep. 33

Below is the latest installment from Minnesota Marriage Minute. Pay particular attention to the highlighted articles that come at 0:57.

Beyond the point of that this video really seems to help argue the points in favor of letting same-sex couples marry: more financial stability, emotional stability, more achievement, et al, the articles that they highlight don’t necessarily state that opposite-sex parents are better than same-sex parents.

The first article, ‘The Facts Scream Out — Two Parent Families are Better for Children’ is an opinion piece which sites as its primary source a 1990 report; long before anyone started to look at same-sex parenting. The second article, ’30 Years of Research that Tell Us, ‘A Child Deserves a Mother and a Father’ is written by CITIZENLink, an “affiliate of Focus on the Family.” The sources they site are generally 10 years or older, and the two sources they quote in the primary part of the piece speak more to married couples vs. single parents than married couples vs. gay parents. The third article, ‘Revealed: Marriage Breeds Better Children’, again, focuses more on single parents vs. married parents as well as the financial and time management benefits of having two parents:

Married couple Rebecca, 39, and Troy Harris, 42, of Croydon, agreed that having two breadwinners made things easier, but a child’s development depended on time spent as a family.

“Because there is two of us, we get more time to sit with them and interact…”

So, really none of the “scientific evidence” supports the Minnesota Marriage Minute thesis. Not surprising they didn’t do actual research (or think that no one would fact check on simple Google search), because we’ve seen this type of reporting before. I expect we will continue to see it, too. After all, when you are producing these weekly you have to fill up the minute with something.

If you live in Minnesota or elsewhere in the United States, do your own fact checking against what’s presented and encourage others to do the same. It’s simple and quick. It took me all of five minutes to track down the articles highlighted. It’s  an easy way that you can get involved and get out the real evidence to people vs. just what Minnesota for Marriage hopes they hear.

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