Jason Aldean’s ‘Take a Little Ride’ Music Video is Too Much Slice and Dice

This is the case where too much of a good thing isn’t wonderful. I really like the way that the single shots are sliced and spliced, but not for the whole entire three minutes and five seconds of the video. That’s a little bit overdone and, in my opinion, lazy. It looks like someone just took that one effect, dragged onto the whole video and hit render.

It’s really too bad because while I was not thrilled about the song, the behind the scenes preview that I had seen for the video looked like it would have promise. It looked like an opportunity to pump the song up a little bit more in my eyes. Unfortunately, it failed in this respect.

Country music songs are popular because they have a story to tell and the video should follow that format. Telling a story as well vs. being just a bit of slap-dash effects. As Aaron Watson’s ‘Raise Your Bottle’ proves this story doesn’t have to be in-depth, but should represent the song in a visual way.

I’d have enjoyed ‘Ride’ better had they stopped the slicing effect half-way through or just used it only for the concert footage. Using it though the entire piece doesn’t give us time to connect and, in turn, care about the ‘characters’ in the video.

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