Own a Piece of ‘The Golden Girls’

For those of you who don’t want to just watch The Golden Girls but live it, now you can be one step closer. The estate of Rue McClanahan aka Blanche is selling some of the late stars personal effects, including some Golden Girls memorabilia.

From The Washington Blade:

The “Golden Girls” actress, who died at age 76 in 2010 of a brain hemorrhage, wanted fans to have a chance to have her many personal belongings. Her best gay friend, Michael J. LaRue, has organized her items in a series of sales. The two met at Studio 54 of all places (for an animal charity event) about 10 years before she died and quickly became the closest of friends, LaRue says.


As per McClanahan’s instructions, after family and friends had their pick, the rest goes to auction. Some was sold in Beverly Hills. A large sampling, including several scripts, costumes and collectibles from “The Golden Girls,” are available for purchase at estateofrue.com. The items are direct purchase and some are available for about $100.

I’ve yet to find the $100 item(s), but if you want to take a peak yourself pay a visit to estateofrue.com.

Read the full Washington Blade article

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