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LGBT History: Gay Showcase in Reading, PA circa 1961

While recounting their neary five decades as a couple, New Jerseyites, Vince Grimm and Will Kratz tell of their storied parties that were drawing huges crowds of gays, and straight admirers. From The Washington Blade: Kratz decided a couple of … Continue reading

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Fundraising GOAAAAAAAAL! Soccer’s Night OUT

The Night OUT series is DC’s sport league’s specific LGBT themed evenings. We have them for the baseball team, the Nationals; the Tennis Team, The Kastles; and the WNBA, the Mystics. Each Night OUT helps to raise money for a good cause. The upcoming soccer … Continue reading

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African-Americans in SUPPORT of Marriage Equality: Mo’Nique

While anti-equality forces like to make hay out of the support they get from African-Americans and Latinos–which I think is just another way to exploit them–we all know that monolithic thinking isn’t the way any group, minority or majority thinks. And Baltimore-born, … Continue reading

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Pro Rodeo’s Clowns aren’t THIS Hot

Giddyup guys and gals! The Show-Me State Gay Rodeo from the Missouri Gay Rodeo Association will be happening August 31 – September 2 in Kansas City. If the below is any indication of what you may see, it sure looks to … Continue reading

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Debunking Minnesota Marriage Minute Ep. 33

Below is the latest installment from Minnesota Marriage Minute. Pay particular attention to the highlighted articles that come at 0:57. Beyond the point of that this video really seems to help argue the points in favor of letting same-sex couples … Continue reading

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Gay Comic Strip adds a Gay Senior Character

One of the complaints that I have with Greg Fox’s gay themed comic, Kyle’s Bed and Breakfast, is the hyper-buff way that he draws all the characters–save for Nick Ferrelli. I feel like its an innacurate reflection of all the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Telling Our Stories: HIV/AIDS

Joe Jervis, blogger at Joe. My. God., put up a post last week about an acquantance of his, Ricky, who died from AIDS. What struck me about the post was his description of a visit to Ricky when he was in … Continue reading

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