Why It Gets Better: You Could Be A Famous Health Trainer on TV

As if Jillian Michaels isn’t inspirational enough for her work on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, now I discover she’s part of the LGBT community. SheWired reports that Jillian will be returning to Loser after taking time off for some “crash-course” parenting with her partner Heidi Rhodes:

JIllian (sic) Michaels is back! The newly minted mother of two will rejoin NBC’s The Biggest Loser, a press release announced today. On Season 14 of the weight-loss reality program, Michaels will tackle childhood obesity, with the show’s first-ever teenage contestants.

“As a former overweight teen, I know firsthand how dramatically weight issues can affect every aspect of a child’s life,” Michaels said in the release. “Having recently become a mother of two, I am more passionate than ever about helping empower children and families with the information and resources they need to live a healthier life.”

Michaels has been getting a crash-course in parenthood since May, when she and her partner, Heidi Rhodes, welcomed two new additions to their family. Michaels adopted a two-year-old Haitian girl named Lukensia the same week that Rhodes gave birth to the couple’s first son, Phoenix.

The Biggest Loser returns in January 2013. Michaels left the show in 2011 to focus on adopting her daughter and participating in charity work. (source)

So, now, kids, when you’re watching NBC and cheering for the folks getting themselves health, take heart in knowing that trainer Jillian is just like you…and she made it.

Seeing someone who is part of the community in such a high profile position on such a high profile show is just another reason why it gets better.

Why It Gets Better is a series of postings showing, real-time, concrete, tangible ways that life is getting better for LGBT people.

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