GOProud is More Cowardly Lion than a Friend of Dorothy

The response from GOProud co-founders Jimmy LaSalvia and Christopher Barron to President Obama’s acceptance speech for at the DNC left me slack-jawed and flabbergasted:

“No amount of happy talk or soaring rhetoric can paper over this President’s horrific record on jobs and the economy. The number one issue for gay Americans – like their straight counterparts – is jobs and the economy. For those voters, tonight’s speech – as with the rest of the speeches at the DNC – offered next to nothing.

“Gay Americans, like all Americans, need to ask themselves, ‘are you better off than you were four years ago?’ Sadly, for most, the answer is no…

In what fantasy land did their twisted tornado of thought land them because they certainly are no friend of Dorothy.

LaSalvia has the ignorant gal to ask the question in his response ‘are you better off than you were four years ago?’ Yes, Jimmy, we are better off than we were four years ago. Four years ago Massachusetts was the only state with gay marriage equality; now we have six, plus the District of Columbia. We’d have even more if it wasn’t for foolish partisan ideals and pandering. This helps to create more financial security for couples. Four years ago Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was still enforced causing members of the military to be dismissed for being gay or lesbian. This is equivellant to the loss of a job. Four years ago discrimination wasn’t prohibited in federal public housing programs or federally insured mortgage programs. Again, helping to create more finacial stability. And these are just a few of the ways in which we are better off than four years ago.

GOProud can wax on about their enthrallment with Romeny/Ryan; stating the election is all about the jobs and the economy, but no amount of their cheerful blather or lifting mimicry of the GOP talking points can cloak Romney and Ryan’s repugnant stance on LGBT issues. As I’ve blogged about before, these issues are about the economy. If GOProud doesn’t think social issues effecting LGBT Americans aren’t tied directly to the economic and job issues, then they are delusional. If they really were interested in the economy and jobs, they’d see this and challenge Romney and Ryan on it. However, it seems they are more content to just wander around the city with their green tinted eyewear; trusting in a wizard who’s most famous economic phrase is ‘pay no attention to the tax returns behind the curtain!’

GOProud is much more like the coward lion; ready to run, knees-a-knocking, to dive out a window when faced with this challenge. If they had more heart and brains, they’d actually do some work toward making the years better for LGBTs from within the Republican Party. They’d have the courage to stand up and say publicly your anti-gay views do affect the economy; does affect employment and here’s why. They’d help to connect those dots for the Party members who view social and economic issues as two different things. Instead, GOProud’s fawning attitude of ‘we heart you no matter how you feel about gay issues’ has the opposite effect. It allows the Party to continue in its uneducated view that social issues have nothing to do with economic issues. This continued ignorance within the GOP gets us all, conservative, moderate or liberal LGBT nowhere. It allows the GOP to continually steamroll over the LGBT community because groups like GOProud show that there are some gays out there who can be easily and willingly taken advantage of. If GOProud really cared, they’d do whole heck of a lot more to get the Party over the rainbow vs. throwing us all under the farmhouse to be crushed.

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