10 LGBT Vacation Destinations: Small Cities and Towns

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that travel has to end. For LGBTs who are looking for somewhere more off the beaten path than San Francisco, Chicago or Provincetown, The Huffington Post has a list of the their top 10 LGBT vacation destinations.

Though the mix of destinations includes some of the familiar–like Provincetown–there were some suprises, like the below.

Eureka Springs, AREureka Springs, AR
Located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs is sometimes called “the hole in the Bible Belt where the belt buckle goes through.” The small city boasts fantastic Victorian architecture and hosts three annual gay and lesbian events called Diversity Weekends, but, given the large percentage of gay-owned businesses, LGBT visitors are more than welcome year-round. Out Traveler named Eureka one of the “Top 5 Surprisingly Gay Small Towns,” and, as OutInEureka explains, “There’s no need to look for a ‘gay district’ in Eureka Springs. You’ll find rainbow flags flying throughout the town welcoming GLBT visitors.” Their tagline? “Eureka Springs, Arkansas: Where Even the Streets Aren’t Straight.”
Photo via doug_wertman at Flickr.com

The Huffington Post also includes in its criteria places that are ‘artsy’, because, of course, if you’re gay you, must love art. How about some gay destinations that feature rock climbing, snowborading or my personal favorite, rodeo?

See the full listing

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