AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu Cleared of Wrongdoing

Back in February, Arizona Sherriff Paul Babeu was caught up in a bit of scandal. Allegedly he was accused of threatening to deport a former boyfriend if the boyfriend made their relationship public. Babeu at the time was co-chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign. (see the TV News Report). Now Yahoo News is report that Babeu has been cleared:

PHOENIX (Reuters) – A tough-on-immigration Arizona sheriff, who resigned as co-chair of Mitt Romney’s state campaign after allegations he threatened a male lover with deportation, has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing, the state attorney general’s office said on Friday.

Earlier this year, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu asked the office to investigate claims made by his former boyfriend, Jose Orozco, accusing the lawman of abuse of authority, threats and intimidation.

Babeu acknowledged at the time he is gay and had a personal relationship with Orozco, who was reported to be from Mexico, but denied that he had made any threat to deport him.

I haven’t any comment one way or the other on this case since I did not follow it other than it’s beginning and end, but, since, the beginning was so prominently featured on numerous gay blogs, I felt the end, at least, deserved a posting somewhere.

Read the full article

See the original Phoenix NewTimes article about the scandal

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