Are gay rights views shifting in NFL?

Related to the gay marriage equality support of NFL Players Chris Kluwe and Brendan Ayanbadejo, I wanted to highlight this article on attitudes in the NFL from USA Today:

BALTIMORE — Gay slurs are common in pro football. Brendon Ayanbadejo has heard them all his life. That would make the Baltimore Ravens locker room seem an unlikely public square for preaching that same-sex marriage is a civil right.

Ayanbadejo is straight and a reserve linebacker, not a star. That would make his voice seem an unlikely one to emerge in the national culture wars over gay rights. But, in recent days, that’s what’s happened — and how it came about is a lesson in the metabolism of modern media.


“The tide is changing,” Ayanbadejo said. He’s noticed a shift in NFL locker rooms that he feels mirrors a shift in society. Some teammates used to call him gay when he advocated gay rights, he says; now they listen to him even when they don’t agree. Many players who oppose same-sex marriage do so on religious grounds, he noted.

Read the full article

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