This is What Will Get Us to Equality

Equality advocates and activists have been asking what will it take to get us past the often neck-and-neck polling on gay marriage equality. Look no further than Baltimore Raven Brendon Ayanbadejo and Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe. Both men have become prominent in the news for their stance in support of gay marriage equality. David Parkman sums it all up for us below.

When we have prominent straight allies who join us in our fight and who are passionate and public about defending our right to equality, it is then that we will achieve our dream. Their actions, opinions and education will help us to change hearts and minds exponentially. The more straight public figures that stand up for equality, the faster we all can make it happen. Are you listening politicians?

See Brendon Ayanbadejo’s interview on CNN

See Chris Kluwe’s interview on The Ed Show

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