Video Review: Tim McGraw’s ‘Truck Yeah’

For a song that I don’t like all that much, the video is pretty good. It starts out with something that just about any gay/bisexual boy and straight/bisexual gal can enjoy; country or not, a shot of Tim’s backside.

What I liked about this video is its simple format. It’s just guys driving around and spinning donuts. It goes to show ya how not every video has to be an involved story. I was very pleased to see a Dodge included at about 2:00. I am a Ram man. And I really liked that it wasn’t just all white guys. The girl that shows up at 2:24 is hot. I like that she’s a brunett and that she’s not park avenue pretty. Yes, you will find women who look like her driving trucks.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the video was the seizure-inducing cuts and flash pans from the nighttime footage. Let Tim McGraw perform. Keep the camera on him just a little bit longer vs. having to pan away, move or cut every few seconds. It’s adds nothing to the video but annoyance.

As a bonus, there is a behind the scenes footage video (below), but it’s mainly Tim talking about how awesome it was to do some recreational truck driving. This is something that those who are listening to this song already know. It would have been nice to see a little bit more of how they shot the video: cameras used, how they did the helicopter shots, the story of the location, etc.

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