Same-sex marriage rally draws nearly 500, takes religious tone

And now for some good news in Maine’s gay marriage equality struggle:

PORTLAND, Maine — Same-sex marriage supporters talked up their religious reasons for backing the “Yes on 1” campaign Monday, taking the debate straight to the political battlefield many opponents consider their strength.

Nearly 500 people turned out Monday afternoon at Portland City Hall to join the rally promoted as the official kickoff to the “Yes on 1” campaign. The event took place after the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland organized a series of outreach meetings across the state in an effort to energize voters against the Nov. 6 referendum, which would legalize same-sex marriages in Maine.

Speakers who took the lectern at Monday’s event — including at least two Catholics — said they believe Christian teachings lead followers to support same-sex marriage.

“I worship a God of inclusion, not exclusion,” the Rev. Michael Gray of the Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church told the cheering Portland crowd.

As we have just passed the one year anniversary of the Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), we hear one of the best reasons for gay marriage equality.

Retired Episcopal Priest Will Brewster told the crowd about the day when his youngest son, a captain in the U.S. Army who led a platoon in Iraq, announced to his parents he was gay.

“I couldn’t understand why, if my son was willing to risk his life to fight for our freedoms, he couldn’t come back home and have the same freedom to marry the person he loves, just like his brother and sister,” Brewster said.

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