Concert Review: Montgomery Gentry; Frederick, Md.; 2012

The boys from Montgomery Gentry, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry, still got it. They put on a rockin’ show at The Great Frederick Fair; running through of string of their hits that I’d almost forgotten about as well as playing some new music from an upcoming album.

Montgomery Gentry Peform at The Great Frederick Fair

The best part of the show was the sing-a-long with Eddie. I have seen many an artist do this in concert–sometimes too much–but the way Eddie did it; a back-and-forth trading of lyrics and/or words kept the energy going. Another sweet spot of the concert was the shout out to the troops. Eddie mentioned that “you know its going to be a good concert when you see Marines in the front row.” He shook the hand of one man. This typical part of any country concert was especially poignant for this one. The concert date was September 20; a year to the day after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Montgomery Gentry did not shout out specifically in reference to this history making date, but those men and women who serve and who are gay were on my mind.

While the overall show was great, it wasn’t without flaws. Eddie sounded a lot better than Troy. When Troy sang it was difficult to hear him clearly. A couple of times I didn’t realize that he was singing a song I knew until he was half-way through the first verse; sometimes even up to the chorus. While Troy is a mighty fine man to look at, he’s not one of the artists that I’d pay good money just to stare at, I’d like to hear what he’s singing. Eddie’s interactions with the crowd seemed stiff and automatic when he started. He pulling out all the standard concert catchphrases: are you ready to party!; are you ready to make some noise!; etc. He improved about 3/4 of the way through the concert; loosening up a bit and becoming more natural.

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry Perform

When the last song was played, I couldn’t believe it. I thought surely they hadn’t been playing for an hour, which is about what I expected for a fair venue. In looking at my phone, I discovered they had, and the encore was yet to happen. In all, they played about an hour and twenty. Turns out I was just enjoying myself and the music so much that time flew. Rarely, does any performance inspire me to do a standing ovation without peer pressure, but with the show Montgomery Gentry put on, it was more than deserved.

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