The Economics of Gay Marriage Equality: Adam Lambert Gets it

Even glam-rocker Adam Lambert has a better grasp than GOProud of the economic tie to gay marriage equality. From METROWEEKLY:

“Ideally, that’s what being an American is — that we all have a shot [at marriage]. I hear a lot of arguments against it, where [gay activists] say, ‘We should be focusing on economic issues and not human rights issues, for the election.’ There’s some value in that. But I also think, ‘You know what? This is an economic issue for gay people. We should have the same right as a straight couple to have a tax exemption…. We should be able to raise a family that’s equally protected under the law.”

An awesome musician with his own style who is also intelligent on a very important electoral issue. Maybe GOProud should have had him at their Homocon party in Tampa vs. the go-go boys. They could have learned something and had a rockin’ party at the same time.

Read the full article

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