NBC’s ‘The New Normal’ Has Hit Potential

The New Normal Title CardWhen I first heard about NBC’s The New Normal, a comedy about a gay male couple that hire a surrogate to have a child, I thought that it would be stereotypical. I thought it would feature A-Gays; those GWMs (gays with money) that live far beyond the means capable of many of us in the community or that it would it play high farce; presenting us with the flamboyance of Will & Grace’s Jack McFarland times two.

When I saw the trailer, I thought ‘This has the potential to be a good show.’ Now, having watched three episodes, I can say The New Normal has a chance at being NBC’s next comedy hit. A modern-day successor to Norman Lear comedies that explore social issues through a prism that is both light and touching. The best example of this is the episode ‘Baby Clothes.’ During the episode the gay male couple, Bryan and David, are confronted by a bigot after they kiss (chastely) in a clothing store. The writing managed to address the topic without becoming too sappy or serious. If they can keep this up, they’ve got a hit on their hands and we can expect to see the baby, who is the catalyst for The New Normal around through at least elementary school.

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1 Response to NBC’s ‘The New Normal’ Has Hit Potential

  1. Well, my expectations were low. I was happily surprised. I can watch a comedy, appreciate the comedy and not crack a smile, while reading a book. Last night, I put the book down and several times laughed out loud! When Ryan asked Rocky for a favour and she responded with “What? Kill a spider? Chase off a coyote?” I almost fell off the couch. The Mom is sooo awful (yes very Archie Bunkerish) you love to hate her. Its a show like Friends…it is a little rough starting but I think the characters will evolve and grow. I find the gay theme normally very tiresome but I think this will be the exception. I was lukewarm about “Friends” in the begining and then it was my most favorite show. My only suggestion….don’t overdo the gay theme..it is funny but the other characters will probably carry the show..no offense to the “gay guys”.

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