New Music Coming From Toby Keith

It’s like Christmas is coming in October. Not only is Jason Aldean, one of my favorite artists (and a country crush of mine), releasing new music, but another of my favorites–both as an artist and a good-looking man–will have a new album, too. Toby Keith’s Hope on the Rocks will be released on October 30th.

Toby Keith's 'Hope on the Rocks' Album Cover

I like the title. It evokes in my mind the idea of a lost or failing love; wanting to save something that can’t be saved, hence, ‘on the rocks.’ Perhaps you’re drinking away as a part of trying to let go any hope that you could still get together. Liquor and heartache go together like liquor and bitters in country music. Of course, it is Toby Keith, so, it could just be some party song or a lighter take on the heartache theme.

I am also really impressed that, as noted by MusicRow, that the track listing was released via the below image:

Track Listing for Toby Keith Album 'Hope on the Rocks'

What a great way to keep with the theme of the album. Having it written on a bar napkin, with what appears to be whiskey on the rocks, is clever. It ties into the title of the album, along with some of the other tracks. As you can see there are a few drinking songs on here. We’ll see if they carry this theme through on the rest of the album art.

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