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Maine Gay Marriage Equality Ad Sums It Up Best

In the below clip, this well adjusted, heterosexual male, just wants for his moms that to which he already has access. I’d also venture to say that this intelligent, well-spoken  young man is an excellent example to debunk those children … Continue reading

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Baltimore Sun Op-Ed Gives the Best of All Reasons to APPROVE Question 6

There is one other important thing Marylanders should consider when they decide how to vote on Question 6. A recent Court of Appeals decision held that Maryland’s practice of recognizing legal marriages from other states, even if they do not … Continue reading

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UGA/UF Alumni Lobby School Presidents to Help Advance LGBT Rights

From Project Q, Atlanta: In August, the Jacksonville City Council voted 10-9 against expanding the city’s human rights ordinance to include gays. Now, several UGA [University of Georgia, Atlanta] and UF [University of Florida] graduates are lobbying the presidents of … Continue reading

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Romney, As Mass. Governor, Opposed Birth Certificate Changes for Same-Sex Parents

Here’s a little glimpse of what Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people may expect in the area of parenting from a Romney Presidency. From The Boston Globe: It seemed like a minor adjustment. To comply with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial … Continue reading

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Gay Comic Strip Loses Gay Senior Character

Looks like the age of gay invisibility applies to cartoon characters as well. Back at the end of August I posted about Greg Fox’s bi-weekly cartoon, ‘Kyle’s Bed and Breakfast.’ In that cartoon we were introduced to Uncle Ray, who … Continue reading

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Brad Paisley’s ‘Diary of A Player’ Strikes All The Right Chords

Part romance novel to the guitar; part business guide; part-self help; part autobiography, Brad Paisley’s Diary of Player is everything you could want in an autobiography and nothing you don’t. Too many biographies include little-known facts that, for the person … Continue reading

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LGBT Resources in Rural Areas Can Help Our Straight Allies, Too

Jimmy Nguyen writes an excellent op-ed on about the need for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people to reach out beyond the big cities and subburbs in their advocacy efforts. Nyguen focuses on the National Tour of it … Continue reading

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