Scene Yourself: A Photographic Take on ‘It Gets Better’

Four guys from HIllwood Museum's Family Garden PartyOne of the local gay news magazines in Washington, DC, METROWEEKLY, has something that they call ‘SCENE.’ It’s a collection of portrait and candid photos from local Washington, DC events. In looking at one of them and seeing all the happy, shiny people, I thought what a great way to showcase to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgnder (LGBT) youth where you can go from where you are at. I look at it as somewhat related to It Gets Better. The theme of that project is letting kids know that, as they grow up, it will get better for them. Why not have some visual aides to help with that message. So I present to you ‘Scene Yourself.’

Two guys from Hillwood Museum's Family Garden PartyI’ll make these a series of blog posts that highlight some photos from these gay events in an effort to show LGBT youth that this is where you can end up. I think of it as a sort of looking glass to a possible future. When LGBT youth look at the photos they will, hopefull, be reminded that these people were once like them. They grew up with a lot of the same questions, fears and even situations that you may find yourself in now. They grew up to find that it does get better as these photos prove. There’s a whole future waiting for you. These photos will offer you a small sneek peak of what it could be.

The photos for this first post are taken from Hillwood Museum‘s Family Garden Party. From the press release:

Two women and little girl at Hillwood Museum's Family Garden PartyFamily Garden Party
The day begins with a Family Garden Party with Rainbow Families DC from 10 am to noon. As de Borchgrave does, family members of all ages will gain inspiration from historic fashions to design and decorate their own original paper shoes. Games, picture books, and more offer hands-on fun, including hats, wigs, and other fancy dress-up costumes inspired by Prêt-a-Papier to transport guests to a world of splendor. Breakfast treats will be served on the Lunar Lawn, where Post hosted her legendary garden parties.

Read the full press release

See more of the Family Garden Party Photos

Learn more about Rainbow Families DC

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