Pricey Toby Keith Pre-orders Puts my Budget on the Rocks

A little while back I told you about the lackluster pre-orders for Jason Aldean’s Night Train; Toby Keith now follows that up with pre-order packages that are a little bit better in product, but worse in price. For your $129, you do get a fair amount of items, but the only ones that I see as of real value are the shirt, the glass and the CD. Granted the CD is signed and I’d expect to pay $25/30 for the artist/album brand on a new shirt, but $129 is a lot of money to a guy like me. Its like that old Joe Diffie song ‘If the Devil Danced in Empty Pockets (He’d Have a Ball in Mine).’

Toby Keith $129 Pre Order Package

This package and it’s pricing wouldn’t irritate me so much if they added into it a membership to Toby Keith’s fan club. Then, at least, I might have the opportunity to recoup my money by possibly being able to get into a pre-sale seat for one of his shows. I would also be less irritated if they had created some other variants of this package. I’d happily take just the glass and the signed CD or just the shirt and signed CD for a more reasonable price. I’d pay $45, maybe even $50 for that.

The real value here is the signed CD. Who wouldn’t want that? I have a small country music hall of fame in my living room of signed momentos from various artists that I love. It’s something that when I look back on them from my rocking chair, I’d be able to smile and recall the memories from getting them. And I know I’m not the only fan that feels this way. So why not create some more packages built around that. Whiskey stones? The real value of those is in the liquid, not the rocks.

See the rest of the ‘Hope on the Rocks’ pre-order package

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