Outspoken NFL Gay Marriage Equality Supporter Profiled in ‘Out’ Magazine

Minnesota Viking player Chris Kluwe, who has garnered some national attention lately for his very outspoken support of gay marriage equality, is profiled in Out magazine:

Minnesota Viking Player Chris KluweIt’s easy to trace Kluwe, the outspoken gay rights advocate, through his childhood obsessions with gaming and sci-fi. The thrust and parry of video-game discussion boards, he says, helped to hone his debating skills; his love of books expanded his vocabulary. At the same time, his immersion into the worlds of Terry Pratchett and Iain M. Banks — two of his favorite writers — has merely served to accentuate the flaws and injustices of the real world.

“It’s definitely influenced the way I think,” he admits. “You look at all the sci-fi utopias, and, pretty much in every single one, the basic underlying philosophy is that people treat each other the way they want to be treated and there’s freedom to be who you are. What brings these utopias crashing down is the fact that one group tries to take control of another, and I think that’s very applicable to any sort of human or civil rights campaign.”

Read the full article

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