Why It Gets Better: Gay Wedding Announcements

This past Friday ABC’s weather man Sam Champion announced his engagment to his boyfriend Rubem Robierb. Over the weekend, the annoucement has been met with many congratulations and well-wishes as discussed on Good Morning America.

What makes this deserving of a Why It Gets Better post is best explained by Huffington Post. Who notes that the annoucment and its following well-wishes represents a change in attitudes toward gay marriage:

His announcement itself was evidence of the sea change that has occurred in the media in the last few decades. It came towards the end of a lengthy New York Times story about the wedding of Thomas Roberts, the openly gay MSNBC anchor — the equivalent of a shrug. Long gone are the days when Ellen DeGeneres-style national freakouts accompanied such things.

Champion’s cheerful, matter-of-fact aside — “We’re getting married New Year’s Eve in Miami” — was also the first time that he publicly acknowledged his sexuality. It meant that, for the first time, one of the network morning shows has an openly gay member of its on-air team. For shows that often present themselves as mirror images of the American family, this is no small thing.

Someday, and someday sooner than you think, we will all be able to share in the shrug that comes with the wedding announcment of a same-sex couple. The feel-good reaction surrounding the Champion-Robierb annoucement is just a little peak into the future that awaits us all which is another reason why it gets better.

Read the full Huffington Post article

Why It Gets Better is a series of postings showing, real-time, concrete, tangible ways that life is getting better for LGBT people.

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