Gay Comic Strip Loses Gay Senior Character

Looks like the age of gay invisibility applies to cartoon characters as well. Back at the end of August I posted about Greg Fox’s bi-weekly cartoon, ‘Kyle’s Bed and Breakfast.’ In that cartoon we were introduced to Uncle Ray, who was going to be in the care of keeping of Kyle and his extended-stay B and B until the Adult Day Center could take him in. At that time I had hoped that Ray would be more than just a token passer-by in the strip and that he’d have some kind of real story line.

Kyle's Bed and Breakfast Comic Episode #342 Sept 18 2012Well, it didn’t take but three episodes for Ray to *poof* vanish from the B and B. The last we saw him was being introduced to some of the B and B folks (click on image at right). It’s been a month since we’ve last seen Ray with not a word as to where he went or if he didn’t go anywhere at all. Instead, we’ve been introduced to a new character, a country bumpkin in the typcial buff style of all the folks who seem to stay at the B and B.

Drew Danvers Introduction Kyle's Bed and Breakfast Comic

I am extermely dissapointed that Uncle Ray hasn’t developed further. I sure do hope that he hasn’t gone into the world of gay invisibility that we tend to place our folks of a certian age. LGBT seniors all over the country are living full, vibrant lives. Lives that are worth storylines. Moreso, Ray could be used as an opportunity to give some insight to LGBT history; history for which we far to often don’t have a record. I love me some gay bumpkin as much as the next dude, but I’m also intersted, as I stated in my previous post, about seeing the full spectrum of our community; a spectrum that goes from white party to white hair party. We’ve fought so long for entertianment to include better portrayls us in their mediums. We as LGBT artists should automatically be including better portrayls of this same spectrum in our own entertainment as well.

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