Baltimore Sun Op-Ed Gives the Best of All Reasons to APPROVE Question 6

There is one other important thing Marylanders should consider when they decide how to vote on Question 6. A recent Court of Appeals decision held that Maryland’s practice of recognizing legal marriages from other states, even if they do not conform to Maryland’s laws on marriage, extends to same-sex unions. That is to say, Maryland law will recognize same-sex marriages no matter what happens to Question 6. The difference is, if Question 6 fails, those marriages will be performed in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Iowa or, more likely, Washington, D.C.

If that happens, Maryland will lose more than the money those couples would have spent here on cakes, photographers, caterers and florists. Some couples, no doubt, will return to Maryland to settle down, but others will surely decide to stay someplace where the law fully recognizes their value as members of the community.

How do you want to be remembered Maryland?

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