UGA/UF Alumni Lobby School Presidents to Help Advance LGBT Rights

From Project Q, Atlanta:

In August, the Jacksonville City Council voted 10-9 against expanding the city’s human rights ordinance to include gays. Now, several UGA [University of Georgia, Atlanta] and UF [University of Florida] graduates are lobbying the presidents of both schools to “use their influence” to push the city to approve the expanded human rights ordinance they rejected two months ago, according to the Florida Times-Union.

“The University of Florida and the University of Georgia have long-standing non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation,” the alumni say in a letter to both schools. “These policies have helped protect and assert the dignity and equality of students, alumni and faculty. Universities stand on principle, and their leaders are expected to educate and address such issues.”

Signees of the letter include a physician, a retired military officer and business people. They fear that Jacksonville, without expanding the ordinance to include gays, will lose the immensely popular football game when its contract to host it ends in 2016.

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